William Sorrells Bill 'Foots' LaFitte


Foots LaFitte

Date of Birth: January 23, 1920

Date of Death: March 4, 1987, (66 years old)


Pine Bluff Library's Obituary Index (Pine Bluff, Arkansas) - Published 03/05/87

Did you know?

There is a story from the Washington Times dated December 4, 2003.  In the

article, it is reported that Bill LaFitte was 18 years old when he played for

the Brooklyn Tigers in 1944.  During our research, we discovered he played

and was a starter for Ouachita Baptist in 1940.


If he was born in 1926, as some have reported, he would have been 14 years

old.  Now, they were having a hard time finding players during World War II,

but not enough to recruit 14 year old players.  We believe the 1920 birth

date is correct making him 24 years old in 1944 and 66 years old when

he died in 1987.



1944 Brooklyn Tigers (NFL)


Ouachita Baptist College












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