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William Frazer 'Bill' McColl


Bill McColl

College Football Hall of Fame 1973

San Diego Hall of Champions 1956

Date of Birth: April 2, 1930, in San Diego, California ( years old)


He is one of the Oldest Living Professional football players

Did you know?

Dr. McColl attended Hoover High School.

Bill McColl was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 3rd round of the

1952 NFL Draft.  All six of his children graduated from Stanford University and

two of his sons went on to play football for the CardinalsDuncan became and

All-American and Milt McColl played pro-football for the 1981-1987 San

Francisco & the 1988 Los Angeles Raiders.



1952 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1953 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1954 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1955 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1956 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1957 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1958 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1959 Chicago Bears (NFL)


Stanford University













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