William Frederick 'Bill' Kibler


Bill Kibler

Date of Birth: April 5, 1897, in New York

Date of Death: December 26, 1985, in Los Angeles, California (88 years old)


All websites have his name as William Joel Kibler, died in Tonawanda, New York,

in 1983.  W J Kibler was the son of the president of the Tonawanda Board of

Education, for whom the high school is named, but there is no evidence he

played pro football.

There are several references to Bill Kibler in Tonawanda newspapers, one of

which in 1921 refers to him as Bill F Kibler, and names him to the all-time

Tonawanda High School football team.

Other articles mention him running a haberdashery (mentions his FB career)

in 1923, another in 1939 mentions him selling his shop and moving to

California to help take care of his mother (it also mentions his football

playing career).

According to California Death Index, this person is William Frederick

Kibler, born in New York in 1897,  and dying in the Los Angeles

area in 1985.



1922 Buffalo All-Americans (NFL)


University of Buffalo












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