William Seth 'Country' Oliver


Bill 'Country' Oliver

Date of Birth: February 16, 1902, in Panola, Alabama

Date of Death: May 1, 1932, in Panola, Alabama (30 years old)


Times Daily - Alabama - Published 05/06/32

The Tuscaloosa News - Published 05/09/32

Did you know?

In a fit of rage, Bill 'Country' Oliver shot and killed his girlfriend, Lottie Simmons, then

shot his brother, Clayte Oliver, twice in the back.  He then made his way back to the house,

where his mother, after pleading with him not to kill himself and even at one point wrestled the

gun away from him, turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.  The reports were

that he was suffering from a mental disease for some time and snapped.



1927 New York Yankees (NFL)


University of Alabama












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