Walter Roland 'Waddy' Young


Waddy Young

College Football Hall of Fame 1986

Date of Birth: September 14, 1916, in Ponca City, Oklahoma

Date of Death: January 9, 1945, in Tokyo, Japan (28 years old)


New York Times - Published 02/05/45

Did you know?

Captain Walter 'Waddy' Young died in the first B-29 raid over Tokyo, Japan.

Initial newspaper reports listed his plane as missing but it was soon realized that

it was shot down and that there were no survivors.  When Waddy's crew went to

name their plane, they decided to name it after their captain.  They called the plane

"Waddy's Wagon". 



1939 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

1940 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)


University of Oklahoma













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