Thomas J. 'Tommy' Fallon


Tommy Fallon

Date of Birth: January 1899, in New York

Date of Death: June 13, 1929, in Seattle, Washington (30 years old)


Pittsburgh Press - Published 06/14/29

Did you know?

Tommy Fallon attended Rye High School located in New York.


Regarding Mickey Fallon, who is listed on most 1922 Milwaukee Badgers rosters in 1922.

He is listed as being born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1898,

playing for Syracuse University, and dying in New York City in 1972.  This data is correct

for the Mickey Fallon who played for Syracuse University, but not for the NFL player.

This Mickey Fallon broke his kneecap in the Syracuse - Holy Cross game in 1920, and

did not play football again. His leg was deliberately re-broken in 1922, because it had not

healed properly.  There is zero chance of him playing pro ball in 1922.




1922 Milwaukee Badgers (NFL)


Fordham Univeristy













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