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Thomas Passmore Dickinson


Tom Dickinson

Date of Birth: July 20, 1897, in Detroit, Michigan

Date of Death: October 29, 1999, in Brown, Ohio (102 years old)



Did you know? 

Thomas P. Dickinson served in World War I, World War II and in the

Korean War.  When he enlisted at the end of World War I, he was fresh out of high school

and eager to be shipped overseas like a lot of the young men of that time.  As fate

would have it, he never made it across the Atlantic.  He enlisted again at the outbreak

of World War II.  He eventually reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before

leaving the service in 1955.  Dickinson spent 16 years in uniform.


The other pro-football players to reach the Century Club are:

Sam 'Smoke' Dana - 104 years old (1903-2007)

John P. Kovatch - 101 years old (1912-2013)

Joe Marhefka - 101 years old (1902-2003)

Clarence 'Ace' Parker - 101 years old (1912-2013)

Bill Glassford - 100 years old (1914- )

Ralph Horween - 100 years old (1896-1997)



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