Theodore A. 'Ted' Schwarzer


Ted Schwarzer

Date of Birth: October 7, 1901, Texas

Date of Death: May 5, 1939 (37 years old)


Many places have a person named 'Edward 'Ted' Schwarzer' dying in 1980 listed as the

NFL player.  His family confirmed that this Ted Schwarzer never played in the NFL, so

they have the wrong person listed.  Also, his real first name is 'Theodore' not 'Edward' as

many have listed. 

His obituary said he graduated from Southern Methodist University (SMU).  We

have not been able to confirm that information, but it is possible.


The Dallas Morning News of 12/04/1921 mentions a Gold Football which was awarded

by the University of Texas Athletic Department, to Theodore A. Schwarzer of

Austin, Texas.

Ted Schwarzer played football for Centenary College in 1924.  It appears that this

was his only season playing on their football team.



1926 Buffalo Rangers (NFL)


University of Texas, Centenary College












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