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Stephen 'Steve' Pritko


Steve Pritko

Oldest Living Green Bay Packers

Date of Birth: December 21, 1920, in Northampton, Pennsylvania

Date of Death: June 6, 2015, in Gardena, California (94 years old)



Did you know?

Steve Pritko was drafted by the Cleveland Rams in the 28th round of the 1943

NFL Draft.

I was lucky enough to interview Mr. Pritko in 2011.  Here is part of that interview. 



Steve Priko Interview:
Do you have a middle name?
"I don't have a middle name believe it or not. My God father, his name was Harry
and my folks never wanted that name. So, I never had a middle name, it's always "N",
it stands for none!"
Did you have a nickname when you were playing? "Ya, Prit, P-r-i-t."
Do you remember your number?
"Well I had the... with the Rams I was #30, with Green Bay...see, they didn't have the numbers like they have now. The ends, guards... the guards were in the 60's tackles in the 70's ends in the 80's, they didn't have that at that time."
"At Villanova I was #12, and I did all the punting for 3 years that I played with the varsity.  Freshmen couldn't play when I was there, but now freshmen could play, but at that time they weren't allowed to play. See, I went to a Prep school after high school.  I didn't have enough college credits in high school to go to college right away, so I got a scholarship to a Naval Academy in New Jersey. It was called Admiral Farragut Naval Academy. I played one year and then I went to Villanova."
"I had other scholarships but I chose...I wanted to go to Notre Dame but they never offered me a scholarship. See as a kid in Pennsylvania, everybody, every football player thats half way decent wants to go to Notre Dame and I was one of them but they never scouted me or offered me a scholarship, so I went to Villanova."
"I almost went to William & Mary in Virginia because I was really impressed with their campus. But I...being a Catholic I said well I better go to a Catholic school. And I was never sorry that I...I was happy I went there because the discipline was good, the Priests were strict, and its good for any young kid, you know.  Well, I wasn't a rowdy, don't get me wrong, when I was going to high school, because I was pretty well disciplined then by my mother and father but Villanova was a good school, very good education. They are tough, a hard school, all Catholic Universities are hard, because those priests don't hand out grades like a lot of schools do."
Did you ever think about going to Penn State?
"Never did, no. Penn State didn't have nothing then, nothing, they were nothing. When I was in High School, no I never, I never even considered that. That was between Fordam University in New York and Villanova. I was a kid in a little town of 5,000 people and I was afraid to go to New York, big city like that, I'd be lost and then I was afraid I was going to drop out and I said no I wont go there and I went to Villanova instead."
You were born in Northampton?
"Ya, it was a cement town.  They had cement mills, they had about four or five cement mills there."


1943 New York Giants (NFL)

1944 Cleveland Rams (NFL)

1945 Cleveland Rams (NFL)

1946 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1947 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1948 Boston Yanks (NFL)

1949 New York Bulldogs (NFL)

1949 Green Bay Packers (NFL)

1950 Green Bay Packers (NFL)


Villanova University