Samuel Kenneth 'Sam' Gruneisen


Sam Gruneisen

Date of Birth: January 16, 1941, in Louisville, Kentucky

Date of Death: September 28, 2012, in Orlando, Florida (71 years old)



Gruneisen began his coaching career at the University of California, Berkeley as the offensive

line coach from 1981- 1984.  He later served as assistant head coach for the Los Angeles

Express of the United States Football League (USFL) from 1984- 1985. 


He was the defensive coordinator at San Jose State from 1986- 1987 until a job offer from

Al Davis brought him to Los Angeles, where he coached linebackers for the Raiders from

1987- 1990.  From 1995-98, he was the defensive coordinator at East Michigan University

He also coached the offensive line at Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina from

2000- 2002.



1962 San Diego Chargers (AFL)

1963 San Diego Chargers (AFL)

1964 San Diego Chargers (AFL)

1965 San Diego Chargers (AFL)

1966 San Diego Chargers (AFL)

1967 San Diego Chargers (AFL)

1968 San Diego Chargers (AFL)

1969 San Diego Chargers (AFL)

1970 San Diego Chargers (NFL)

1971 San Diego Chargers (NFL)

1972 San Diego Chargers (NFL)

1973 Houston Oilers (NFL)


Villanova University












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