Robert L. 'Pete' Barnum


Pete Barnum

Date of Birth: January 17, 1902

Date of Death: June 25, 1929, in Sparrow's Point, Maryland (27 years old)


The Pittsburgh Press - Published 06/27/29

Did you know?

Probably one of the most disturbing deaths of a professional football

player.  Pete Barnum worked for the Bethlehem Steel Corporation at

the Sparrows Point plant in Maryland.  While at work, he fell into a cradle of molten metal.

He hung on to the top edge while his legs were submerged up to his thighs.  He courageously

lived for about a week but in the end, he died of his injuries in a local hospital.


Pete attended Parkersburg High School in West Virginia and was the brother of

Len Barnum who played for the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles

during the late 1930's and early 1940's.  While on his death bed, Pete called

Len in to the room and said that it would make him happy if he were to carry on

in football like his older brother.  He did.



1926 Columbus Tigers (NFL)


West Virginia University












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