Robert Lee 'Bob' Hunter


Bob Hunter

Date of Birth: September 4, 1898, in Mapleton, Iowa

Date of Death: July 28, 1997, in Chicago, Illinois (98 years old)


Chicago Tribune - Published 07/31/97

Judge Robert L. Hunter died at his home in Chicago, Illinois

Did you know?

Bob Hunter was a champion wrestler at the University of Iowa as

well as a star on the gridiron.  He graduated from Iowa in 1922.

Long after his football career, he was the republican candidate for

Mayor of Chicago in 1951.


While doing research for Merle Hunter, who is listed as playing for the

1925-1926 Hammond Pros, we found that he never played professional football

and that it is really Bob Hunter, University of Iowa, who played pro-football

for the Hammond Pros in 1925 and 1926.


We contacted the daughter of Merle Hunter to verify his football career and she

confirmed to us that he did play football at Ashland College but she also told us

that she was sure that her father never played pro-football, which prompted the

research and findings for Bob Hunter.



1925 Hammond Pros (NFL)

1926 Hammond Pros (NFL)


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