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Robert Frederick 'Bob' Langas


Bob Langas

Wayne State University Athletics Hall of Fame 1993

Date of Birth: January 22, 1930, in Detroit, Michigan ( years old)


He is one of the Oldest Living Professional football players

Though a very casual tennis player, Langas noticed that tennis as a recreation sport was

beginning to become popular in the mid-1960's, especially indoor tennis. One of Penn

Products' largest selling products was tennis balls. While on his sales routes Langas

would get comments from buyers and tennis players that the old white ball was hard

to see on indoor courts, especially under florescent lighting.  Langas set out to create

a new tennis ball, and came up with the yellow optic tennis ball which significantly

increased the popularity of tennis.

In 1985 Langas was honored by Tennis Magazine as one of the twenty most

influential people in tennis for creating the yellow ball. - WSUAthletics.com



1954 Baltimore Colts (NFL)


Wayne State University












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