Ramon Vere Lowe


Ramon Lowe

Date of Birth: October 10, 1897, in Kansas

Date of Death: March 7, 1951, in Pasadena, California (53 years old)


Hutchinson News-Herald - Published 03/13/51

The player who played for Rock Island is listed on all websites as Walter

'Bull' Lowe, who was born in Iowa in 1899 and died in Ohio in 1978. There

was a Walter Lowe who played for Georgetown, but he did not play for Dubuque,

and did not play for Rock Island.   The Dubuque Telegraph-Herald of 09/30/23

mentions that at least three former Dubuque players would be in Rock Island's

lineup that day, including R V 'Vere' Lowe. Lowe was born in Kansas,

attended Hutchinson (KS) High School, and died in Pasadena, California.



1923 Rock Island Independents (NFL)


University of Dubuque












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