Patrick James 'Buck' Gavin


Buck Gavin

Date of Birth: June 8, 1891, in Spring Valley, Illinois

Date of Death: October 14, 1943, in Chicago, Illinois (52 years old)


The player is listed on sites as Patrick Marvin Gavin, born in Amenia, New York, in 1895,

died in Florida in 1981. I have found no evidence connecting this person to any level of

football.  However, There were articles in newspapers throughout the country in September,

1931, concerning Patrick 'Buck' Gavin, a City of Chicago Plumbing Inspector, who was

charged with the murder of a young woman in his apartment during a night of heavy drinking.

When he surrendered to police, he stated that he had played college football at Syracuse, and

pro football for Buffalo, Detroit, Rock Island and Green Bay.


There seems to be nothing to indicate that this person was not the player, especially

considering he named four teams he played for, in an era when there were no pro record

books from which this information could have easily been obtained by anyone else. The

dates above were obtained from U.S. Census records, his draft card, and the Illinois

Death Index. The 1930 Census lists his occupation as a plumber, so this is definitely the

Patrick Gavin in the murder case.

research by: Steve Jubyna (Pro-Football Historian)



1920 Buffalo All-Americans (APFA)

1921 Detroit Tigers (APFA)

1921 Rock Island Independents (APFA)

1922 Rock Island Independents (NFL)

1922 Buffalo All-Americans (NFL)

1923 Green Bay Packers (NFL)

1924 Rock Island Independents (NFL)

1925 Rock Island Independents (NFL)

1926 Hammond Pros (NFL)


Syracuse University












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