Lou Usher


Lou Usher

Date of Birth: June 27, 1897*

Date of Death: January 1, 1927, in Calumet City, Illinois (29 years old)


The Scranton Republic - Published 01/04/27

Did you know?

Lou Usher was killed when the car he was in collided with a

Calumet City District Bus.  It so happens that his current wife

was a patient in the hospital he was brought to.  His first wife

didn't find out he had died until 2 days later when she appeared

in court to try to collect back alimony from him.


*His birth date came from his World War I draft card.


1920 Rochester Jeffersons (APFA)

1921 Rochester Jeffersons (APFA)

1921 Hammond Pros (APFA)

1921 Chicago Staleys (APFA)

1923 Hammond Pros (NFL)

1923 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1924 Hammond Pros (NFL)

1924 Milwaukee Badgers (NFL)

1924 Kenosha Maroons (NFL)

1926 Hammond Pros (NFL)


 Detroit Mercy, Syracuse University













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