Louis C. 'Lou' Kolls


Lou Kolls

Date of Birth: December 15, 1892

Date of Death: February 23, 1941, in Hooppole, Illinois (48 years old)


New York Times - Published 02/24/41

Modesto Bee and News - Published 02/24/41

Did you know?

He was killed in an automobile accident when two cars collided head-on.

Four other people were killed in the accident. 

After football, he became an American League baseball umpire



1920 Hammond Pros (APFA)

1920 Chicago Cardinals (APFA)

1922 Rock Island Independents (NFL)

1923 Rock Island Independents (NFL)

1924 Rock Island Independents (NFL)

1925 Rock Island Independents (NFL)

1927 New York Yankees (NFL)


St. Ambrose University












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