Larner Somers Gardner Conover


Larry Conover

Date of Birth: May 21, 1894, in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Date of Death: August 4, 1945, in Atlantic City, New Jersey (51 years old)


The Pittsburgh Press - Published 08/05/45

The Daily Boston Globe - Published 08/05/45

Did you know?

He was a life guard captain on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey

Conover died of a heart attack while attempting to revive a young boy who

drowned in the surf.  He collapsed while working over the boy's body.  According

to the Atlantic City County physician, he died from over-exertion.



1921 Canton Bulldogs (APFA)

1923 Canton Bulldogs (NFL)

1925 Cleveland Bulldogs (NFL)


Penn State University (PSU)




Larry Conover's Autograph


Larry Conover's Autograph - Courtesy of OldestLivingProFootball.com









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