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John Walter Siegal


John Siegal

Date of Birth: May 15, 1918, in Larksville, Pennsylvania

Date of Death: May 25, 2015, in Harvey's Lake, Pennsylvania (97 years old)


The Times Leader - Published 05/25/15

After his football career, he became a dentist.

Did you know?

In 2013, John Siegal became the oldest living Chicago Bears former player and

is the last surviving NFL player from the 1930's.


John W. Siegal was born in Larksville, Pennsylvania on May 15, 1918. He

entered Columbia University in 1935. He was a classmate of Columbia's

All- American and later All-Pro Quarterback, Sid Luckman. John played

end on the Columbia Football teams of 1936, 1937 and 1938, in an era of

two-way football, when the niceties of Tight End, Split End, Defensive End,

were not yet in vogue. He was a major pass receiver for Luckman at Columbia,

and went with Luckman in 1939 to the Chicago Bears


A strapping 6-1 205 lbs. for the time, he played End with

the Bears. John contributed to their three Professional Championships in

the 1940s, and simultaneously obtained his DDS degree in 1943 from

Northwestern University Dental SchoolHe then retired from football and

served as a Dentist in the United States Navy before entering private practice

in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. In an interview several years ago, John modestly

disclaimed the rumor that as a Dentist and Pro-Football player, he had invented

the Mouth Guard.



1939 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1940 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1941 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1942 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1943 Chicago Bears (NFL)


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I had (2) of these amazing figurines made, one for Dr. Siegal, one for me

Sid Luckman and John Siegal


John Siegal - Chicago Bears


John Siegal #6


John Siegal #6