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John T. Bunyan


John Bunyan

Date of Birth: September 7, 1905, in Hartford, Connecticut

Date of Death: September 13, 1989, in West Hartford, Connecticut (84 years old)



His nickname during his football career was 'Moose'.

Moose Bunyan attended Williston Academy High School.

He died while in St. Mary's Home in West Hartford, Connecticut.  He is buried

in the Calvary Cemetery, Holyoke.

Did you know?

John Bunyan was with Edwin Hill, star halfback of New York University in 1929 when he

was killed in a playful struggle for a policeman's revolver on May 7, 1929 in New York.

Bunyan and Hill were on the N.Y.U. campus and stopped to talk to police officer Joseph

Green.  It was reported that Edwin Hill saw a couple of girls walking down the street and

he asked Officer Green for his nightstick to "chase them away".  Green refused and they

started to "friendly struggle" back and forth.

During the struggle, Hill grabbed his service revolver from its holster and when Green

attempted to get it back, the weapon discharged.   The bullet pierced Edwin Hill in his

left breast, killing him instantly.

Officer Joseph Green was absolved of any criminal blame in the incident.  John Bunyan

corroborated the Officer Green's story.



1929 Staten Island Stapletons (NFL)

1930 Staten Island Stapletons (NFL)

1932 Staten Island Stapletons (NFL)

1932 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)


New York University (NYU)