John 'Ox' DaGrosa


Ox DaGrosa

Colgate University Athletics Hall of Honor 2007

Date of Birth: February 17, 1902, in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Date of Death: April 23, 1953, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (51 years old)


The New London (CT) Evening Day - Published 4/24/53

He died after a three month illness while at his home.

Did you know?

He is better known as the head football coach at Holy Cross from 1946 - 1948.

He was a member of the Pennsylvania Athletic commission in 1949 and became a

leading figure in the professional boxing world.  According to his obituary, he had a

major role in bringing the Joe Walcott - Rocky Marciano heavy-weight title fight to

Philadelphia as well as other high profile fights of the time.

John DaGrosa announced his retirement on November 25, 1947.  He called his wife and

told her the news.  She replied, "Thank heavens, you'll live 10 years longer."

He died less than six years after his retirement.


Teams: (Coach)

1926 Georgetown University - Assistant Coach

1927 Georgetown University - Assistant Coach

1928 Georgetown University - Assistant Coach

1929 Georgetown University - Assistant Coach

1930 Temple University - Assistant Coach

1931 Temple University - Assistant Coach

1932 Temple University - Assistant Coach

1935 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) Assistant Coach

1936 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) Assistant Coach

1937 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) Assistant Coach

1938 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) Assistant Coach

1939 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) Assistant Coach

1944 College of the Holy Cross - Assistant Coach

1945 College of the Holy Cross - Head Coach

1946 College of the Holy Cross - Head Coach

1947 College of the Holy Cross - Head Coach

1948 Temple University - Assistant Coach


Wenonah Military Academy, Colgate University











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