John Franklin 'Jack' Wiley


Jack Wiley

Date of Birth: April 18, 1920, in Wind Ridge, Pennsylvania

Date of Death: March 25, 2013, in Rock Hill, South Carolina (92 years old)


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Published 03/28/13

Did you know?

He was known as "Smiling Jack Wiley"

He graduated from Richhill Township High School.

Jack Wiley served as a captain in the Army during World War II.


Jack Wiley's brother, Bob Wiley also played football at WaynesburgBob was

killed in action during the fighting at St. Lo in Europe in August 1944.  He was

awarded the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously.


When Jack was asked about his off season work, he explained that he works on his

fathers farm.  "I get up at 6AM every morning and work right through to five o'clock or

until dark, depending on what's to be done.  And that's a six-day schedule."

"Being here at Steeler camp is just like going on a vacation.  We don't have to get up

until 7:30!"

After the 1949 season, Jack decided to retire from football.  As the 1950 season approached,

he called Coach John Michelosen and said, "I'd like to play and if you think I can help in any

way, I certainly will give my best."  Coach Michelosen was happy to hear that news and Jack

played one more season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Teams: (Player)

1946 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1947 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1948 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1949 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1950 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

Teams: (Coach)

1951 Waynesburg University - Head Coach

1952 Waynesburg University - Head Coach

1953 Waynesburg University - Head Coach

1954 Waynesburg University - Head Coach


Waynesburg University












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