John Francis 'Moose, Doc' Hagerty


Doc Hagerty

Date of Birth: September 3, 1892, in Nashua, New Hampshire

Date of Death: June 19, 1944, in Medford, Massachusetts (51 years old)


Nashua Telegram - Published 06/20/44

He attended Nashua High School.

Documentation verifying that he was the pro player in Nashua Telegraph, 05/23/21

His obituary says he was 50 years old at the time of his death, but both his birth certificate and

draft card give birth year as 1892.

He became a dentist in Medford, Massachusetts after retiring from football. Articles in the

Nashua  newspaper mention him playing for the Canton Bulldogs.  His draft card listed a

daughter named JoanHer obituary said she was living with her niece at the time of her

death. Unfortunately, this was a niece by marriage, who didn't even know that her aunt

Joan's maiden name was HagertyHer married name was Malonson.

His last name is spelled 'Haggerty' in all other sources.



1920 Cleveland Tigers (APFA)

1920 Canton Bulldogs (APFA)

1921 New York Brickley Giants (APFA)


Tufts University












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