John David Crow


John David Crow

Heisman Trophy Winner 1957

College Football Hall of Fame 1976

Date of Birth: July 8, 1935, in Marion, Louisiana

Date of Death: June 17, 2015, in College Station, Texas (79 years old)


Dallas Morning News - Published 06/18/15

Did you know?

He was an assistant coach under Paul 'Bear' Bryant at the Univeristy of

Alabama (1969-1971), with the Cleveland Browns (1972-1973) and the

San Diego Chargers from (1974-75). He then became the head coach at

Northeast Louisiana University from (1976-1980).


Teams: (Player)

1958 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)

1959 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)

1960 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)

1961 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)

1962 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)

1963 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)

1964 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)

1965 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

1966 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

1967 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

1968 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

Teams: (Coach)

1969 University of Alabama (Assistant Coach)

1970 University of Alabama (Assistant Coach)

1971 University of Alabama (Assistant Coach)

1972 Cleveland Browns (Assistant Coach)

1973 Cleveland Browns (Assistant Coach)

1974 San Diego Chargers (Assistant Coach)

1975 San Diego Chargers (Assistant Coach)

1976 Northeast Louisiana University (Head Coach)

1977 Northeast Louisiana University (Head Coach)

1978 Northeast Louisiana University (Head Coach)

1979 Northeast Louisiana University (Head Coach)

1980 Northeast Louisiana University (Head Coach)


Texas A&M University













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