John Albert 'J.A.' Tommy Tomlin


Tommy Tomlin

Date of Birth: August 17, 1894

Date of Death: March 23, 1949 (54 years old)


Daily Boston Globe - Published 03/26/49

He's listed as John Thomas Tomlin, born in 1893 in Albemarle, Virginia, and

died in the same place in 1935.  We can not find anything supporting this guy being

a ballplayer.  John Albert Tomlin was a very good lineman for Waltham High

School, Massachusetts, went to France in 1917 to drive an ambulance in the war,

returned to play for Syracuse, then played for Akron. The two best pieces of evidence

are, first, a paper from Decatur in 1921 which lists him as J.A. Tomlin,

and mentions that he was from Waltham, and played for Akron, and second, a

couple 1922 Boston Globe issues which list him as J. Albert Tomlin, from Waltham,

who had been a pro-football player.


Also, this guy is listed in Waltham on both the 1900 and 1910 censuses, but in

1920, he's listed in Summit County, Ohio, where Akron is located.  His obituary

does not mention football, but this is definitely the John Albert Tomlin who was

from Waltham.  I don't know the origin of the nickname Dowie, but a picture in

1920 uses that nickname.   As for the name 'Tommy', I don't see that being used

until 1922.


There is also a news article from September 22, 1922, saying he had been arrested.

In that article, it mentions that he 'has been a professional football player for a

number of years'.



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