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Joseph Thomas 'Joe' Matesic


Joe Matesic

Date of Birth: November 21, 1929, in Rankin, Pennsylvania ( years old)


Interview by OldestLivingProFootball.com

Did you know?

Of Croatian descent, and he is quite proud of the number of pro athletes that had a Croatian

background, including Roger Maris, Gary Beban, and a few others.

Joe Matesic graduated from Rankin (PA) High School.

In 1950, Joe Matesic played college football at Indiana University.  He wanted to transfer

to Arizona State and play football, which is where his brother Edward Andrew Matesic lived

He did, but he played under the name, Andy Matesic, his brothers name.   Playing as a

freshman, he started every game that season.  It seems the reason given for

this name change is rather simple.  You see, he did not want to sit out the 1951 season, which

was required when transferring to another college, to regain eligibility before playing at

Arizona State.  He was eventually exposed and word that he was really "Joe" and not

"Andy" became known.  The head coach for Arizona State, Larry Siemering, resigned

over the scandal.


Sadly, the internet is littered with the same information on Joseph Matesic.  They all have

him passing away in 1989.  It is obvious how this works.  One web site will

copy the incorrect information from other 'TRUSTED' sources and the in the end,

they will all be wrong.  Should I start calling these web sites out by name?



1954 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)


Indiana University, Arizona State College













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