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Harry R. 'Pete' Jackson


Harry 'Pete' Jackson

Date of Birth: December 12, 1903, in St. Joseph, Missouri

Date of Death: September 22, 1932 (28 years old)



Did you know?

Pete Jackson graduated from Central High School in 1923.

He was expelled from the University of Missouri for an alleged

participation in a drinking party, which he denied.

He tried to kill himself in May of 1932 by swallowing poison while in his

room at the Louis Hotel, in Baltimore, Maryland.  This attempt that failed.

He left a note for the police saying, "She is the only girl I ever loved and she

could have saved me but she thinks only of herself.  She has wrecked my life."

He was talking about his wife.

He tried again on September 22, 1932 and succeeded.



1928 Detroit Wolverines (NFL)


University of Missouri












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