Hamilton James 'Babe' Green


Babe Green

Date of Birth: July 12, 1898, in Missouri

Date of Death: June 8, 1958, in California (59 years old)


He's erroneously listed on most websites as Edward 'Babe' GreeneLoyola

University Alumni Office says no such person ever attended LoyolaBabe

Green and Joe Bush played varsity ball for St. Ambrose College of Davenport,

Iowa. They transferred to Loyola together in 1924, and played two years there.


There is an article in the Chicago Garfieldian of 09/21/39, which details the
career of Hamilton Babe Green.  It mentions that he was a former Loyola star,
and since graduation, he had played professional football with the Chicago
Cardinals (which he is listed with) and Louisville (which he is not listed with). 


However, there is a listing for Louisville, 1926, for Vivian 'Vee' Green, from

University of Illinois. However, Vivian 'Vee' or 'VJ' Green was coaching high

school football in Waukegan, Illinois, in 1926. It would have been possible for

him to play for Louisville (since they were basically based in Chicago), but we

see no evidence of it so far.


Also, he was considered a great center when he played with Grange at Illinois.

Since great centers are much harder to find than tackles, why would he be

switched to tackle as he is listed for Louisville? We usually cross-check against

the old Roger Treat Encyclopedia on some of these that we have many questions

about.   There is an entry for 1926 Louisville for a tackle listed only as J B H Green.

The order of the initials is not correct, but they are the initials of Hamilton James

Babe Green.

The excerpt below on Hamilton Green is from The Loyolan Newsletter of 1925

HAMILTON GREEN, tackle. "Babe" Green drifted in from Davenport last fall
where he had already done some good work on the gridiron, put on some togs and
nonchalantly grabbed off a regular berth for himself on the Varsity line. Porky is a
rather hefty individual and very effectually plugged up any gaps that might have occurred
in the Loyola line. "Babe" is a hard worker and rapidly absorbing all that Kiley and
Larson have to offer and next year should be a great help to the team. Green is a
Freshman Law student. Davenport...


1926 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)


St. Ambrose College, Loyola University












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