George T. 'Ted' Hopkins


Ted Hopkins

Date of Birth: May 11, 1902, in Columbus, Ohio

Date of Death: March 14, 1955, in Columbus, Ohio (52 years old)


Columbus Dispatch - Published 03/15/55

Did you know?

He was the son of Anna Nesser Hopkins, sister of the Nesser brothers,

and Otto F. Hopkins, who were married in Columbus in 1901.

Ted Hopkins is the nephew of the famed Nesser brothers.  Every other source

has some guy named Edward Hopkins, from Canton, Ohio who had no connection

to the Nesser family.  Familysearch.org has the family relationship information.

Also, Rose Nesser's daughter corroborated the evidence.


1921 Columbus Panhandles (APFA)
1922 Columbus Panhandles (NFL)












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