George L. Radosevich


George Radosevich

Brentwood High School Hall of Fame

Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame 2014

Date of Birth: January 25, 1928, in Brentwood, Pennsylvania

Date of Death: April 4, 2016, in Anderson, South Carolina (88 years old)


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Published 04/07/16

Mr. Radosevich died of congestive heart failure while at the Richard M.

Campbell Veterans Nursing Home in Anderson, South Carolina.

Did you know?

After his pro-football career, George Radosevich coached at Brentwood High

School from 1957-1964, 1971-1977 and 1983 to - ? .  He also coached Peabody

High in the 1960's and he was an assistant coach at Clairton High in the 1970's.

George Radosevich played on the 1952 - 1953 Parris Island base football team

while serving in the United States Marines.



1954 Baltimore Colts (NFL)

1955 Baltimore Colts (NFL)

1956 Baltimore Colts (NFL)


University of Pittsburgh












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