Frank Matthew 'Duke' Hanny


Duke Hanny

Date of Birth: December 10, 1897, Aurora, Illinois

Date of Death: September 3, 1946, Aurora, Illinois (48 years old)


Rockford Register-Republic - Published 09/04/46

Did you know?

Duke Hanny is believed to be the first player to be ejected from a NFL game since

the start of the league in 1920.  He exchanged punches with Green Bay Packers

player Tillie Voss during a game and was ejected.   Tillie Voss died on

December 14, 1975.  He was 78 years old.



1923 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1924 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1925 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1926 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1927 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1928 Providence Steam Roller (NFL)

1929 Providence Steam Roller (NFL)

1930 Portsmouth Spartans (NFL)

1930 Green Bay Packers (NFL)


Indiana University













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