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Franklin Thomas 'Frank' Grube


Frank Grube

Date of Birth: January 7, 1905, in Easton, Pennsylvania

Date of Death: July 2, 1945, in New York, New York (40 years old)


The Milwaukee Journal - Published 07/02/45

He was shot in his appartment building by an unknown gunman.  The bullet hit him

in the abdomen and he died a few hours later in Knickerbocker Hospital, New York.

The bullet was not meant for him, however.  The Superintendent of the apartment building

dispersed some men, earlier in the day, from the front of the building and they threatened

to 'come back'.  Apparently, they did and killed Grube by mistake.


He was also a professional baseball player with the Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis

Browns during the 1930's.



1928 New York Yankees (NFL)


Lafayette College












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