Earl Marshall "Bud" Gorman (Lovejoy)


Earl Gorman

Date of Birth: May 20, 1896, in Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: August 7, 1969, in Plainfield, New Jersey (73 years old)



Did you know?

Earl Gorman played professional football in the early 1920's but did you know

he was also a professional boxer?  Several boxing sites have Bud Gorman

listed as a heavyweight boxer but his real name was Earl M. Lovejoy.  He used his

mothers maiden name (Gorman) as his professional boxing name.  In any event, he

had (79) professional fights in his career, including bouts against two heavyweight

champions, Primo Carnera (6/30/1931, lost) and Jack Sharkey (6/25/1926, lost).

Most, if not all other web sites have him dying in 1962.  As you can see,

we have different information.   Since they all copied their information

from one bad source, it stands to reason they would all be wrong.



1922 Racine Legion (NFL)

1923 Racine Legion (NFL)

1924 Kenosha Maroons (NFL)















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