David D. 'Deacon' Jones


Deacon Jones

Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980

Date of Birth: December 9, 1938, in Eatonville, Florida

Date of Death: June 3, 2013, in Anaheim Hills, California (74 years old)



Deacon Jones died at his home in Anaheim Hills, California.

Did you know?

Deacon Jones was a member of the famed Fearsome Foursome along with Lamar Lundy,

Merlin Olsen, and Rosey Grier, which is often considered one of the best defensive

lines in NFL history.

His nicknamed is the "Secretary of Defense" and is considered one of the greatest defensive

players in the history of pro-football.



1961 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1962 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1963 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1964 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1965 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1966 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1967 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1968 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1969 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1970 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1971 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1972 San Diego Chargers (NFL)

1973 San Diego Chargers (NFL)

1974 Washington Redskins (NFL)


South Carolina State University, Mississippi Valley St. University (Mississippi Vocational College)












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