Christian 'Red' Keener Cagle


Chris 'Red' Cagle (Chris Cagle)

College Football Hall of Fame 1954

Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame 1960

Date of Birth: May 1, 1905, in De Ridder, Louisiana

Date of Death: December 23, 1942, in New York, New York (37 years old)


New York Times - 12/23/42

Milwaukee Journal - 12/24/42

He died from a fractured skull from a fall he had in a New York subway.  It is

not known if he fell down some stairs or if he was attacked by someone.  The story is

fascinating however, and the exact truth will probably never be known.


The Story:

A couple of men, Elwood Ford and William Kain found Cagle on his hands and knees on the

platform of the Broadway-Nassau station.  They figured he had been drinking so they decided

to help him to his feet and see if there was anything they could do for him.  They brought him

to his feet but was unable to stand without help.  With no visible injuries, they decided to help

Cagle to his home.


Cagle did managed to tell the two good samaritans his name.  One of them recognized it was

the former West Point football player.  Cagle told them his head hurt so Ford and Kain figured

it was because of drinking.  After nearly two hours, they finally got him on a train.  They got off

in Jackson Heights and walked to a local tavern.  While there, it is reported that Cagle did

order a drink, but only sipped it.  His two companions did not drink anything.


They then took Cagle to a restaurant and ordered some coffee.  Cagle got up and left the table

for 20 minutes.  Ford and Kain said they thought he was in the bathroom but he reappeared

coming back in the restaurant from the street.  A fact that was supported by the bartender

on duty.  When Cagle returned to the table, the men called a cab and escorted Cagle to his

apartment building. 


Ford said he took him into the lobby and sat him down on a chair and left.  Some residents

of the apartment complex said they saw him but thought he was sleeping and didn't want

to disturb him.  At some point, he managed to make his way to his apartment where he

lived with his wife and two children.  She said before he lost consciousness, he mumbled

that he had been 'kicked in the head'.  She took him to the hospital where he died. 



1930 New York Giants (NFL)

1931 New York Giants (NFL)

1932 New York Giants (NFL)

1933 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

1934 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)


University of Louisiana-Lafayette, United States Military Academy




Chris Cagle - Autograph


Chris Cagle Autograph - Courtesy of OldestLivingProFootball.com









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