Charles Edward 'Charlie' Brickley


Charlie Brickley

Date of Birth: November 24, 1891, in Boston, Massachusetts

Date of Death: December 28, 1949, in New York, New York (58 years old)


Montreal Gazette - Published 12/30/49

Evening Independent - Published 12/30/49

He served in World War I as a Naval Lieutenant and during World War II 

as a shipyard worker.

It has been reported that only a few hours before his death, he told a sports reporter, "What

Harvard needs is a czar of football to get the game on a sound basis."   It appears the stories

about him are correct, he died as he lived, talking Harvard football till the end.


His brother, George V. Brickley, also played on the 1921 N.Y. Brickley Giants team.



1921 New York Brickley Giants (APFA)


Harvard University












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