Bobby Clendon Thomas


Clendon Thomas

College Football Hall of Fame 2011

Date of Birth: December 28, 1935, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ( years old)


He is one of the Oldest Living Professional football players

Did you know?

Clendon Thomas was with Buzz Nutter and Rudy Hayes when Rudy suffered a

heart attack while the three teammates were on a hunting trip, on December 4, 1962.

Rudy survived but did not play football again.



1958 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1959 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1960 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1961 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1962 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1963 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1964 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1965 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1966 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1967 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1968 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)


University of Oklahoma












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