Benjamin James 'Ben' Agajanian


Ben Agajanian

Oldest Living Green Bay Packers

Date of Birth: August 28, 1919, in Santa Ana, California ( years old)


He is one of the Oldest Living Professional Football players

He is the Oldest Living AFL player and the 3rd Oldest AAFC player.



1945 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)

1945 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1947 Los Angeles Dons (AAFC)

1948 Los Angeles Dons (AAFC)

1949 New York Giants (NFL)

1953 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1954 New York Giants (NFL)

1955 New York Giants (NFL)

1956 New York Giants (NFL)

1957 New York Giants (NFL)

1960 Los Angeles Chargers (AFL)

1961 Green Bay Packers (NFL)

1961 Dallas Texans (AFL)

1962 Oakland Raiders (AFL)

1964 San Diego Chargers (AFL)


University of New Mexico












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