Arthur S. 'Art' Webb


Art Webb

Date of Birth: June 19, 1888, in Rochester, New York

Date of Death: December 31, 1954, in Rochester, New York (66 years old)


Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Published 03/15/1918

This article mentions him playing for the Rochester Jeffersons.

Did you know?

Art Webb was the Chief of Police in East Rochester, New York.


All other sources have a guy named Arthur E. Webb, born in 1893 and died

in 1973.   This person did not play pro-football for the 1920 Rochester Jeffersons.

Why was this guy picked as the player?  It is hard to figure out but there is no

connection to him and pro-football.  

Another note about Art S. Webb.  He is listed as playing for the 1922 Milwaukee

Badgers.  He would have been 34 years old in 1922 and there is no connection to him

being in Milwaukee at that time.  Did he really play for the Badgers in 1922?  We are

still working to try and confirm the answer.



1920 Rochester Jeffersons (APFA)

1922 Milwaukee Badgers (NFL)?













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