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Arnold A. Shockley


Arnold Shockley

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Hall of Fame 1965

Date of Birth: August 31, 1903, Illinois

Date of Death: April 27, 1988, in Lawton, Oklahoma (84 years old)


Altus (OK) Times - Published 04/29/88

Arnold Shockley died while at the Comanche County Memorial Hospital, in

Lawton, Oklahoma.

Did you know?

The information above is for Arnold ShockleyHe played under the name

Jesse Perry Jackson during the 1928 season for the Providence Steam Roller

As the story goes, SHOCKLEY got an invitation to try-out for the Boston Bulldogs

He did not want to try out so J.P. Jackson assumed his identity and did go for a

try-out and made the team. 

J.P. Jackson got an invitation to try out with Providence in 1928, but was ill,

so Shockley used his name, and went in his place.  He made the team and played the whole

season. In 1929, Shockley, using Jackson's name, came back for another season, bringing

his friend Shockley, who was really Jackson.                       

The real Jackson (using Shockley's name) was impressive, but played a position that

Providence was already strong in, so they sold him to the Boston Bulldogs, where he

played in 1929.

The real Shockley (using Jackson's name) continued with Providence through 1930. These are

the stories in the Boston and Providence newspapers from that time. I don't think anyone

ever got an invitation to try out for Boston Bulldogs, but J.P. Jackson did play for them.



1928 Providence Steam Roller (NFL)


Southwestern Oklahoma State (Teachers College) University












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