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What is the REAL average life span of a pro football player?  I know!  I have been reading many people discuss this from doctors to lawyers, to people that should know better.  They are all wrong. 


The average life span of a Professional football player is 63-68 years old.  Not 51-55 years that some have suggested.  Let me explain how I know what I know.


First, and let me be clear.  From 1920 to today, the average life span of a professional football player is 63 to 68 years old.  I make no qualifications because of weight, decade of play, position they played or any other reason. 


I have been researching the death dates of pro-football players for years.  I have the most accurate information that is or has ever been studied.  At the moment, I have the average death of a pro football player at just over 68 years.


So why the 63-68 yr range you ask?  Good question.  We are still working on several hundred players and I am not going to add them to my study until I am sure of their information.   So, when I take all those players and give them an arbitrary death date of 40 years old, the number comes down to 63 years. 


Now, did ALL the players that we are still searching for die at the age of 40?  Of course not.  I am simply doing this out of an abundance of caution.  By using the 40 year old mark, you can see the amount of latitude I am giving.   With well over 6,000 players in this study, the small % of players that are still needed to complete the survey are not going to change the study very much. 


I would assume, the real Average Life Span of a Professional Football Player is going to be 67 years old.  But, given a range of 63-68 years old, you can see the 51-55 year range is nonsense.

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Great post! The average life expectancy of a male in the US from 1920 to 2010 is 66, so playing does NOT cause early deaths as some anti-football zealots falsely claim.

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After years of researching each player that has playing professional football, including all AFL leagues, the average life expectancy for a pro-football player is 68 years old.


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Over 6,500 pro-football players in the study.  The average age of death is 68 years, 4 months. 

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As of January 15, 2015, we now have just over 6,800 pro-football player deaths confirmed on our site.   Nothing has changed since my previous posts on this subject.  The average life span of a professional football player is still 68 years old.   

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