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Here is the complete list of professional football players that were "Killed in Action" (KIA) during World War II, The Vietnam War or during the War on Terror. We have also included the (7) professional football players that died as a result of "Non-Combat" related activities which are designated as (DNB) "Died Non-Battle". The (7) DNB players died while on active duty and most were training to go to war in one fashion or another and are certainly worthy of being listed here.

Also included on this list is Jack Chevigny, the only professional football coach to have been killed during combat.


All of these men are true American Heroes. Each man gave his life for our country and that sacrifice should never be forgotten.


Killed In Action (KIA): (30 Players, 1 Coach):


Cpl. Nick Basca

Lt. Charlie Behan

Private Harry Benson

Maj. Keith Birlem

Lt. Al Blozis

Lt. Young Bussey

Walt Cassidy

Lt. Jack Chevigny (Coach)

2nd Lt. Tom Cory

Ens. John Donnell

Capt. Eddie Doyle

LTJG Jimmy German

Lt. Col. Grassy Hinton

Major John Hurley

Capt. Smiley Johnson

Lt. Eddie Kahn

Lt. Bob Kalsu

Sgt. Alex Ketzko

Capt. Lee Kizzire

Lt. Jack Lummus

Pvt. Jim Mooney

Cpl. Herman Morris

2nd Lt. Thomas V. Nash

1st Lt. Sterling V. Shipla

Sgt. Daniel Snell

Maj. Don Steinbrunner

Cpl. Pat Tillman

Sgt. Matt Vaessen

Lt. Don Wemple

Pvt. Vincent Yatchak

Capt. Waddy Young



Died Non-Battle (DNB): (6) Players:


Lt. Chuck Braidwood

2nd Lt. Dick Lass

AV C George Lenc

Major Max MacCollum

Lt. Len Supulski

Lt. Eugene Tornquist

Lt. Chet Wetterlund




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