General Questions

  1. What is the average life span of a pro football player?


    The average life span of a professional football player, including ALL players from 1920 to today is 68 years old. It has been widely and erroneously reported that it is anywhere from 51-59 years old. This is wrong!   I did the study using the accurate data from this web site.

    The average pro-football player lives to be 68.3 years old. The average American male lives to the age of 78.7 years old. (American Female - 82 years.)



  2. Has any player lived to be 100 years old or more?


    Yes, seven (7) players have made it to or beyone the century mark.  They are: 

    Sam 'Salemi' Dana - 1928 New York Yankees - 104 years old

    Thomas P. Dickinson - 1920 Detroit Heralds - 102 years old

    Joe Marhefka - 1926 Philadelphia Quakers (AFL) 101 years old

    Clarence 'Ace' Parker 1937 Brooklyn Dodgers - 101 years old

    John P. Kovatch - 1938 Cleveland Rams - 101 years old

    Ralph Horween - 1921 Chicago Cardinals - 100 years old

    Bill Glassford - 1937 Cincinnati Bengals (AFL II) - 100 years old (living)


  3. Who was the VERY FIRST professional football player to die?


    While Benjamin S. 'Sport' Donnelly was technically the first professional football players to pass away (August 3, 1922), he did not play in the new APFA/NFL league that began in 1920.

    The first professional football player to pass away from the APFA/NFL league was "Dago La Ross".  He played for the 1920 & 1921 Chicago Cardinals and died in 1923 at the age of 31.

    Leland Douglas "Dago" La Ross was accidentally killed when he fell off a building.  He is the brother of Harry 'Spike' LaRoss (1888 - 1954), who played professional baseball for the Cincinnati Reds in 1914.



  4. Who was the YOUNGEST pro-football player to die?

    Lucien Reeberg was 21 years old when he passed away on January 31, 1964. He was a large man at 6'4 and weighing 290 lbs. He died of cardiac failure brought on uremic poisoning. It has been reported that the initial injury happened during the Thanksgiving game after getting 'hit' by an opposing player.

  5. What year saw the most Pro-football players pass away?


    In 2002, there were 170 professional football players that passed away.

    In 2008, 163 members of this great pro-football fraternity died.



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