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Thomas Arthur 'Tom' Keating


Tom Keating

Date of Birth: September 2, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: August 31, 2012, in Denver, Colorado (69 years old)


San Francisco Chronicle - Published 09/05/12

He died of prostate cancer

Did you know?

He and teammate and close friend Ben Davidson were diagnosed with terminal prostate

cancer within two weeks of each other and died two months apart.

Tom Keating was a first-team AFL All-Star in 1967 and played in the AFL All-Star Game

in 1966 and 1967.



1964 Buffalo Bills (AFL)

1965 Buffalo Bills (AFL)

1966 Oakland Raiders (AFL)

1967 Oakland Raiders (AFL)

1968 Oakland Raiders (AFL)

1969 Oakland Raiders (AFL)

1970 Oakland Raiders (NFL)

1971 Oakland Raiders (NFL)

1972 Oakland Raiders (NFL)

1973 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

1974 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)

1975 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)


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