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Robert Stephen 'Bob' Wetoska


Bob Wetoska

Date of Birth: August 22, 1937, in Minneapolis, Minnesota ( years old)


He is one of the Oldest Living Professional football players

Did you know?

Bob Wetoska retired prior to the 1969 football season.  He was coaxed out of retirement

in mid-August and played six games that season for the Chicago Bears.

So, after a fine collegiate career at Notre Dame, a 10 year career with the Chicago Bears,

one has to ask, why did the Washington Redskins cut him in 1959? 



1960 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1961 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1962 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1963 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1964 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1965 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1966 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1967 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1968 Chicago Bears (NFL)

1969 Chicago Bears (NFL)


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