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Randolph Klaus 'Randy' Johnson


Randy Johnson

Date of Birth: June 17, 1944, in San Antonio, Texas

Date of Death: September 17, 2009, in Brevard, North Carolina (65 years old)




Did you know?

Randy Johnson graduated from Sam Houston High School in San Antonio,

Texas in 1962.  He was the first quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons in their

inaugural season of 1966.  At the time of his death, Randy Johnson was

penniless and virtually friendless.  He was living in the backyard shed of

an acquaintance's family.  "He didn't leave any tracks," said Alex Hawkins,

a teammate during that first Falcons season, when asked if any of his

fellow teammates were in contact with him after his football career.



1966 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

1967 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

1968 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

1969 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

1970 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

1971 New York Giants (NFL)

1972 New York Giants (NFL)

1973 New York Giants (NFL)

1974 The Hawaiins (WFL)

1975 Washington Redskins (NFL)

1976 Green Bay Packers (NFL)


Texas A&I University (Texas A&M Kingsville)