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Ralph Horween (Horowitz) aka R. McMahon


Ralph Horween

Date of Birth: August 3, 1896, in Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: May 26, 1997, in Charlottesville, Virginia (100 years old)


L.A. Times - Published 05/27/97

Chicago Tribune - Published 05/28/97

Did you know?

Ralph Horween and his brother, Arnold Horween began playing for the

Chicago Cardinals in 1921, one year after the league was formed. Ralph

Horween made $40 per week.  The brothers used "McMahon" as an alias

out of respect for their mother to keep her from knowing they were playing

professional football.

Arnold Horween (Horowitz), aka A. McMahon, passed away on August 5, 1985.


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