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Karl Willimann George


Karl George

Date of Birth: November 14, 1894, in Dunn County, Wisconsin

Date of Death: December 28, 1979, in Tarpon Springs, Florida (85 years old)


Data and playing career verified by his grandson

Did you know?

Some websites have someone named Carl Wayman George, born either in

New York or Ohio, who is listed on every Ohio census from 1900 to 1930,

and who died in Ohio in 1965.  This person had nothing to do with Carroll

College, football, or the state of WisconsinKarl W George was born in Dunn

County, Wisconsin, in 1894 (according to his draft card), and died in Florida

in 1979.  He lived in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the site of Carroll College, in the 1920's.



1922 Racine Legion (NFL)


Carroll College