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John McKay Williams


John Williams

Date of Birth:  October 27, 1945, in Jackson, Mississippi

Date of Death: July 8, 2012, in Minneapolis, Minnesota (66 years old)


The Star Tribune - Published 07/08/12

He died while he was on his morning walk

After his football career, he became a dentist.

Did you know?

During the off-seasons between 1972 and 1974, he attended the University of Maryland

and obtained his dentistry degree in 1978. He returned to Minneapolis, where he began his

dental practice and became a respected civic leader.



1968 Baltimore Colts (NFL)

1969 Baltimore Colts (NFL)

1970 Baltimore Colts (NFL)

1971 Baltimore Colts (NFL)

1972 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1973 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1974 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1975 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1976 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1977 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1978 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

1979 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)


University of Minnesota