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Evan Arthur Thomas


Evan Thomas

Date of Birth: April 14, 1900, Sherburn, Minnesota*

Date of Death: October 31, 1958, in East Providence, Rhode Island (58 years old)


New York Times - Published 10/31/58 & 11/01/58

Springfield Union - Published 11/01/58**

Evan Thomas died while at his home.

Did you know?

Evan Thomas is not listed on any football related websites as being a player. However,

he definitely should be listed. The original Football Encyclopedia by Roger Treat listed

a running back named THOMAS, playing for Providence in 1925, but without a

first name. The NFL Encyclopedia and all current websites have listed

this data under "John Thomas", who was born in Iowa, went to high school in North

Dakota and Illinois, and died in Illinois in 1977.   We believe John Thomas played on

the Racine Legion team in 1924, but in 1925, he was a full-time head football coach

at Danville (IL) High School from 1924 to 1927.  It would not have made any sense

for him to travel to Providence to play one game.  He was not the Thomas who

played in 1925.


Evan Thomas was a commissioner of the New England Amateur Athletic Union as well

as a vice president of the Rhode Island Track and Field Association.  He was also a

catcher on the Minneapolis baseball team in the American Association.


*We have noticed his birth date as 4/14/1899 on his World War I draft card and

4/14/1900 in various other sources.  Since there seems to be a lot of guys that would

"add" a year or two in order to join the Army, we are listing 4/14/1900 as his birth.

**His obituary mentions that he played for the Providence Steam Rollers in 1925, 1926

and 1927.


1925 Providence Steam Roller (NFL)
University of North Dakota




Evan Thomas - Autograph


Evan Arthur Thomas - Autograph